In this course we will learn how to install and maintain DebianEdu. We are going to install it on a virtual environment on the cloud, so that we see all the needed steps. We are going to install a main server combined with LTSP, then we are going to test diskless clients, thin clients, workstations, roaming workstations, etc. We will see how to import a list of users from a CSV file, how to backup the server, etc.

This course will help participants to get familiar with an online training, and will show them how to build one themselves. This is going to be a synchronous course, where participants meet online at a certain time, not an asynchronous self-study course. During the meeting the trainers will demonstrate first how to do something, and then the participants will try it on their own (if they wish).

In this course you will learn about simple and complex Linux commands, combining them, building Bash scripts, etc. It will be hands-on, where the teacher will show first how to use different commands and the participants will try them themselves. Each participant is going to have an account on the training server.